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        2. logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


          Peony Centrifuge

          Centrifuge production base

          Committed to the research and manufacture of separation machinery

          二維碼_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          A backbone enterprise in pharmaceutical & chemical machinery industry.

          The main production base in Jiangsu province for general-purpose centrifuges.

          The company is always guided by market demands. With the advanced systemic service mode and philosophy, the company provides personal service to every signal case, has professional engineer supplying professional consultation and has established a professional, high efficient service team. Taking customers' each requirement into consideration, the company impresses customers greatly from all over the world, and gains good reputation in the Industry.

          With the cooperation of Technical department and manufacture department, the after sales department will provide technical service and after sales service. We will introduce the product mode, function, and characteristic faithfully to our customers; help to choose the model and specification. If required, the technical staff can provide on site instructions or technical training. The install instruction, operation and maintains manual (including notice of safety operation and risk) will go with the Centrifuge. The company can provide installation and debugging service, if required by the contract. Under warranty, the company will repair without charging (except the damages due to misoperation ) and will provide on site service within 48 hours. After warranty, the company provides lifelong follow-up service, only charge for the cost. By sending the and with the product at random, the company keeps in touch with customers, and provide necessary info for technique consultation, operation or improving.