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        2. logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


          Peony Centrifuge

          Centrifuge production base

          Committed to the research and manufacture of separation machinery

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          logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          A backbone enterprise in pharmaceutical & chemical machinery industry.

          The main production base in Jiangsu province for general-purpose centrifuges.

          The model choosing has always been a simple but complicated work. With the developing and innovating of the separator technology, the model choosing of centrifuge becomes much more important. The customers must choose the suitable separator equipment/centrifuges according to their operation requirements, the separated material character and the factory environment. The experts of our company will help customer to choose the most suitable equipment with their rich technical and service experiences.

          Normally, the essentials of model choosing are as below:
          1.Material: Choose the interface material, stainless steel, (sus 304, 316, 316l) or titanium, or plastic lined, Halar or special two phase stainless steel, etc., based on the causticity of materials that need to be separated. Choose the suitable seal material, based on if the materials content organic solvent, or strong caustic chemical.

          2.The company will choose the suitable model and the filter fabric , depends on capacity, solid content percentage, particle size distribution, crystal or powder.

          3.The requirement of Anti-explosion : make a fully consideration of the explosion proof degree of the workshop and the situation of the material during the manufacture of the equipment and the control box.Make sure the seal structure, seal material and static-proof method could meet the filed requirement. If necessary, the inert gas protection system could be adopted. The electric control part could achieve the explosion proof operated at field, and long-distance control.

          4.According to the automatic requirement from customers, the company could choose the centrifuges with automatic operation. Such as model SGZ scraper bottom discharge automatic centrifuge, model LW horizontal spiral discharging sedimentation centrifuge, LLW warm/scraper centrifuge, GK horizontal scraper discharging centrifuge, etc.

          5.What mentioned above are some basic essentials, more need to be further discussed based on actual environment.