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        2. logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


          Peony Centrifuge

          Centrifuge production base

          Committed to the research and manufacture of separation machinery

          二維碼_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
          logo_Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          Jiangsu Peony Centrifuge Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

          A backbone enterprise in pharmaceutical & chemical machinery industry.

          The main production base in Jiangsu province for general-purpose centrifuges.

          Accepting hundreds of rivers,the ocean enjoys a vast capacity", Only through constant leaming and absorbing more advanced thought and culture, can an enterprise maintain its hearty vitality.

          Jiangsu Mudan Centrifuge attaches great importance to the construction of enterprise culture and,based on its business idea,constantly takes in the essence of traditional Chinese culture to build a profound enterprise culture, Accumulated knowledge from constant learming & absorbing has become an inexhaustible impetus for the development of Mudan ,enabling Mudan to be of increasing vitality,cohesive force as well as competive power.